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What is a Beetle?

Beetles are everywhere as it is the common types of insect. But it can be confused with another kind of insects especially with true bugs. But it is easy to recognize the beetle if you know the few characteristics. The beetles have the wings and wing covers. Most of the insects have wings and that do have two pairs. Beetles are different from other winged insects as it having the first pair of the wings hardened and thickened.

The hard forewings work as the protective shield for the fragile flying wings which are folded under hard wings. When the beetle’s close wings, it comes up in the straight line at the middle of the back. The beetle has too much appearance similarity with the true bugs. But the true bugs have the translucent outer half of the wings.

Beetle Scientific Name: Coleoptera

The scientific name of the beetle is Coleoptera. Beetles are the group of insects in the superorder Endopterygota. They have the front pairs of wings in the hard cases that distinguished them from most other insects. It is known as the elytra. The beetles has almost 400000 species in the largest order and there are few species which discovered recently. The Curculionidae has the largest families of some 70,000 member species. They are easily discoverable almost everywhere except the sea and the Polar Regions. They have connected to the ecosystem in the various ways: beetles often feed other invertebrates, plants, and fungi.

Types of Beetles

There are more than 400k species of the beetles exist on the earth. The largest family of the beetles, Curculionidae, is better known as the weevils. There are quite in large numbers families of beetles that account for common sightings. These include Chrysomelidae (leaf beetles), Scarabaeidae (Scarab beetles), Cerambycidae (Long-horned beetles), and Carabidae (Ground beetles). There is the number of differences between the various beetle species. However, color, shape, size, diet, and habitat are easy distinctions to make between the species.

Some beetles can grow several inches long just like the rare titan beetle which length can reach up to 7 inches. On the other side, there is a feather-wing beetle. They can produce only one egg at a time because so tiny. The common black ground beetles have the color of solid black but some other beetles are extremely colorful and have an intricate pattern just like scarab beetles. Some beetles have the body shape like violins, while other have the body shape for swimming.

Beetle Species

The order Coleoptera contains form the beetles and weevils. It is the largest order of insects, representing almost 40% of the known species of insects. There are more than 350 thousand species in the coleopteran have many largest and most conspicuous insects. Some of which also have brilliant metallic colors, striking forms, and patterns. This is a list of significant beetles and weevils by common name:

  • Bess Beetles
  • Blister Beetles
  • Borer Beetles
  • Powderpost Beetles
  • Carrion Beetles
  • Checkered Beetles
  • Click Beetles
  • Darkling Beetles
  • Deathwatch Beetles
  • Dermestid Beetles
  • Fireflies
  • Flat Grain Beetles
  • Ground Beetles
  • Tiger Beetles
  • Hister Beetles
  • Ladybugs
  • Leaf Beetles
  • Asparagus Beetles
  • Potato Beetle
  • Dogbane Beetle
  • Colorado Potato Beetle
  • Cucumber Beetles
  • Flea Beetles
  • Tortoise Beetles
  • Long Horned Beetles
  • Harlequin Beetles
  • Metallic Wood-Boring Beetles
  • Pleasing Fungus Beetles
  • Predaceous Diving Beetles
  • Rove Beetles
  • Soldier Beetles
  • Sap Beetles
  • Scarab Beetles
  • Chafers Beetles
  • June Beetles
  • Flower Chafers
  • Rhinoceros Beetles
  • Eastern Hercules Beetle
  • Japanese Beetles
  • Dung Beetles
  • Skin Beetles
  • Spider Beetles
  • Stag Beetles
  • Water Scavenger Beetles
  • Alfalfa Weevils
  • Bark Beetles
  • Billbugs
  • Boll Weevil
  • Plum Curculio
  • Grain Weevil
  • Whirligig Beetles

Beetle Characteristics

Beetles have three major parts in the body as like other insects. They have a head with the single pair of antennae along with compound eyes. Next is thorax, which typically bears two pairs of wings and three pairs of legs and the abdomen that have the digestive and reproductive organs. Beetles have the chewing jaws called mandibles and paired mouthparts that known as the maxillary.

Beetle Habitat

Many beetles are gourmand predators of invertebrate pests like slugs, aphids, and maggots. So, it is beneficial to allow beetles in your garden area. Here are some common habitats for the beetles:

  • Leaf Pile
  • Compost Heap
  • Stones
  • Dead Wood Stack
  • Stumpery

What do beetles eat?

There is a large number of known beetle species in the world. The beetles may enter in your home through voids, windows, door, and from the drain. The beetle’s common feed is roots, stems, seeds, fruits, and nectar. The few species of beetles also eat fibers, feces, and funguses. Also, there few species of the beetles can survive without food for weeks.

How many legs does beetle have?

The thorax is the major part of the beetle body which divided into three parts. The beetle’s six legs and its wings are attached to these parts.

What does a beetle look like?

The beetles have the number of species which has the different appearances. But here are some common thing in beetles is they have the three body parts head, thorax, and abdomen. You can easily recognize the beetle by the look at it back if it has wings which are mate in the straight line when closed.

Where does Beetle live?

Beetles can be found almost all over the world. The different species of the beetles found in the different habitats. Some ladybug beetle live on plants and other can be found in the dark, moist places under logs, leaves, and rock. They live in gardens, grain fields, lakes, and ponds.

How long does Beetle live?

It totally depends on the different species of the beetles. The Callosobruchus Maculatus can live up to 10 – 14 days whereas Eastern Hercules beetles can live up to 3 – 6 months. It also depends on the habitat.

Are Beetles Insects?

Beetles are a group of insects from the order Coleoptera in the superorder Endopterygota. Their front pair of wings placed in the hardened wing cases that work as the shield for wings.

Beetle Reproduction

All beetles reproduce by mating. When a male locates a female, it starts to court her in a specific way. The male does not give any help in raising the offspring. After laying the eggs, the female raises it individually.

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