Harvester Ant

Harvester Ant Bites, Facts, Habitat, Lifespan, Treatment, Get rid, Diet, Characteristics and methods to red rid of Harvester ants are discussed here.

Harvester Ant

Harvester Ant is the common name for Seed collecting ants. They collect these seeds and mushrooms in the chambers of the nest which are called granaries. They are also called the Agriculture ants.

There are about 22 Species of Harvester ants in the United States only. Harvester ant can be any ant from various genera depending if they collect the seeds.

What Are Harvester Ants

Harvester Ants are the ants from various Ant genera and belong to various subfamilies. They are called so because of their habit of collecting seeds. There are various types of Harvester Ants and some of the common species are given as:

  • California harvester-ant
  • Florida harvester-ant
  • Red harvester-ant
  • Black harvester-ant
  • Western harvester-ant

Harvester Ant Characteristics

Scientific Name Pogonomyrmex occidentalis
Size 4.7-11.5 mm
Max Age 5 years Average 

Male dies after mating.

Venom Type Alkaloid

Harvester Ant Facts

  • Harvester Ant colony can contain up to 10000 ants.
  • Harvester Ants collect seeds and mushrooms.
  • These ants do not belong to a single genus instead they are found in several genera.
  • They in Florida moves their colony once every 234 days average.
  • Although these ants eat seeds they can also feed on all other types of insects.
  • Male Harvester ants die just after mating.

What Do Harvester Ant Look Like

These ants don’t differ much in appearance from other ants. They are either dark brown or red in color. These are not much large. They have six legs and 2 antennas. They have small hairs on their whole body.

Harvester Ant Bites | Harvester Ant Sting

Harvester ants are dangerous to health especially for those who have allergic skin to insect bites. They bite anything that threatens them. After biting they spray a venom which cannot cause death but can cause a serious allergic reaction. 

harvest ant bites

Where Do Harvester Ant Live

These Ants are generally found in Southwestern part of the American continent. Although their favorite habitat id Desert but they are found in many areas across Mexico.

These ants dig galleries in drier areas and can go up to 4-5 meter deep. Only one of the harvester ant species is found of the Mississippi River in Florida.

What Do Harvester Ants Eat

As Harvester ants are also called Agriculture ants, they eat seeds which comes from various types of plants. They also eat other dead insects. They rarely intentionally attack any insect for eating purpose only.

These ants are good with searching and can smell food from the long distance and move towards the food. They also leave a characteristic smell for other family members to track the path to food.

Harvester Ant Lifespan

Only Queen ant lays eggs and lives for the longest period among other members. Queen can live up to 5 years and other workers can live up to a few months.

Male members of harvester ant family, as most of the ant species, dies just after mating.

Harvester Ant Bite Treatment

Once you are stung just wash the stung area with soap and warm water. Remove Stinger form the flesh and apply antibiotic cream.

You can also use calamine lotion to stop itching from the skin. To Avoid allergy, you can take Antihistamine pills. And if you do not get comfort after using these solutions, Immediately consult a doctor.

How To Get Rid Of Harvester Ant

You can try any one of these solutions to get rid of harvester ants.

  • Boiling water treatment

Get 4-5 liter of boiling water and pour it on the Ant mound. It will be most effective after the rainy season.

  • Granular Bait

You can place Poisonous granular bait near the mound and once they eat this, they will die.

  • Flower Powder

Flower Powder is considered harmful for harvester ants. It can both kill them and keep them away from your land.

How To Kill Harvester Ants

  1. Use Nest Toxicants

Nest Toxicants comes in both powder and liquid form. if you want to kill harvester ants then pour liquid toxicant to the mound and if you want to keep them away then spread the powder across the affected area.

2. Poisoned baits

Again, Poisoned baits can be your true friend if you want to kill harvest ants. it will attract the ants and take it back to their colony.

This is all about the Harvester ants, their bite, and treatment along with how to kill them or get rid of them. If you want to read about more Ant Species them don’t forget to check out or Ant Species article.

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