Fire Ant

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Fire Ant

Fire ants are one of the members of Solenopsis. There are almost 200 species of Solenopsis and Fire ants are one of them. These ants create large mound nests which are flattened, don’t have any regular shape and their area lies between two to four sq foot.

Fire ant colonies may have more than 250,000 workers. Queen in fire ants can live upto 7 years and can produce around 1600 eggs every single day. Virgin Queen ant and Male fire ants have wings but they rip them off after mating.

What Are Fire Ants

Fire ants are one of the olenopsis Genus members and are considered as most deadly Ant species. These are also called stinging ants because they are aggressive in nature and stings when gets any chance.

Most of the fire ants are not invasive in nature but especially Red Imported Fire Ant of United States are very invasive. These ants are mostly found in the United States, China, Australia and Taiwan. Now according to a research, these ants are spotted in Sydney for the first time.

Fire Ant Characteristics

Scientific Name Solenopsis
Size 2 to 6 mm
Max Age 5.83 to 6.77 years

Male dies soon after mating

Venom Type Solenopsin

Fire Ant Facts

  • “Fire Ants”, The name do not represent only a single species of Ants, but it is used to represent around 280 ants species which falls under genus Solenopsis.
  • One colony of fire ants may consist up to 250,000 workers.
  • Fire ants got their name because of their reddish look and their bite. Their bite hurts live burned wound hence they got this name.
  • Most of the time’s fire ants eat seeds and plants but they do eat small animals and birds also.
  • The reason for them getting perish is because they do not hibernate in winter.
  • Queen ant can live up to 7 years and produce 1600 eggs every day. Which means in its lifespan, one queen can give birth to 4,088,000 eggs.

What Do Fire Ant Look Like

Bodies of fire ants, like all other insect species, is divided into three parts: Head, Thorax, and Abdomen. They do have 6 legs and two antennas. Their size varies from two to six meters.

Fire Ants in the United States looks different from other countries as they have copper brown head and dark abdomen.

Fire Ant Bites | Fire Ant Sting

As other ants, Fire ants do not bite and spray acid in the first chance. They First bite and get a good grip then they pull out Solenopsin from their stomach, which is a chemical compound and inject it in the skin. This chemical compound is an Alkaloid venom.


Where Do Fire Ant Live

Fire ants are mostly found in every area on earth but most importantly they are found in China, United States, Taiwan and Australia. Recently they were spotted in Sydney for the very first time. They were brought to these countries via shipping crates by accident. Now they have spread all over these countries.

Fire ants create nests which are roughly two to four square feet in size. Their nests are flat and don’t have any peak like other ant nests.

What Do Fire Ants Eat

Fire ants generally eat seeds and tree leaf. But fire ants are omnivorous in nature so they eat small animals and Birds also. As fire ants are aggressive in nature, they can kill small animals all together and eat it to feed the colony.

Fire Ant Lifespan

Fire ant colony mostly consists of female ants and worker ants. Queen ant can live up to 5.83 to 6.77 years. While Males dies soon after first mating.

Fire Ant Bite Treatment

Fire ants have Alkaloid venom. Their sting treatment includes Oral medicines and external treatment directly applied to the stinging area. These are some of the home remedies for fire ant sting:

  • Apply a Solution of half water and half bleach.
  • Apply a solution of Half bleach and half aloe vera gel.
  • Take Antihistamines as oral medicine.
  • For external treatment, apply anesthetic benzocaine.

How To Get Rid Of Fire Ant

  • Flooding a mound with 2-3 gallons of boiling water kills about 60 percent of total ants in a colony.
  • Drench some organic compounds containing extracts from citrus oil or spinosad.
  • Broadcast fire ant Bait twice a year. By doing so you can kill up to 90 percent of ants.

How To Kill Fire Ants

  • You can pour Baking soda and vinegar solution to the nest hole. It will kill most of the fire ants of that colony.
  • Get 2-3 liter boiling water and pour it directly into the nest hole.

This all about Fire ants, their habitat, lifespan, diet, biting and treatment etc. If you want to more details on Ant species then you can check it from our Ant species page.

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