Driver Ant

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Driver Ant

Driver Ant is the African member of the Insect subfamily Dorylinae. Its Scientific name is Dorylus. Driver Ants are attacking in nature and they attack everything which comes in their path. They attack snakes, bugs, mammal, birds and even on the human. They search for their food by climbing on the trees and shrubs.

What Are Driver Ants

Drivers ants are the member of Insect Subfamily “Dorylinae” and are also a member of the larger genus of Army ant. They are nomadic in nature and travel from place to place. Driver ants do travel in large groups and attack on whatever comes in their way. These ants are clever in nature.

Attacker ants travel both sides creating a tube and worker ants travel between them so that they may not be attacked by anything. Drivers ants are very aggressive in nature.

Driver Ant Characteristics

Scientific Name Dorylus
  • Soldier: 15 millimeters
  • Minion driver: 5 millimeters
  • Queen: 5 centimeters
Max Age Workers: 1 year
Males: Up to a few weeks
Queen: Up to 30 years
Venom Type Alkaloid

Driver Ant Facts

  • One colony of Driver ants may have 22 Million members at a time.
  • As Driver Ants are nomadic in nature, They make temporary colony while moving from place to place.
  • Driver ants are smarter than most of the ant species and they plan their attack before attacking.
  • These ants are carnivores in nature.
  • Their bite force is so much power that their heads are used to stitch wounds.
  • If not run away, Driver ants can even kill a human.
  • Driver Ant queen can grow up to 2 Inches long.
  • Driver Ants are the biggest among all ant species.
  • These ants can travel 20 Meters per hour.

What Do Driver Ant Look Like

These are considered the largest of all ant species. Driver Ants have a big jaw and six powerful legs to pull things. They have dark brown and black color.

Driver Ant Bites | Driver Ant Sting

Driver Ants can both bit and sting but they prefer bite instead of the sting. Their bite hurts a lot and also its very difficult to remove their jaws from the flesh once they bite you. This is why in some parts of Africa, These ants are used to stitch the wounds.

Where Do Driver Ant Live

As discussed earlier, they are nomadic in nature and travel from place to place. They create temporary colonies to keep their eggs and larva during their travel. There are found mostly in all parts of Africa.

What Do Driver Ants Eat

Are Driver ants are carnivores, they eat almost every insect, mammal and bird they found. These are also known for raiding neighbor colonies of species like termites, seeds, oil, bread and other Insect Species. Although Dead Beetles are considered as their favorite food.

Driver Ants diet

Driver Ant Lifespan

Driver ants live from a few weeks to several years. As per the study, Driver Queen Ant can live up to 30 years while workers can live from one year to three years. On the other hand, Males can live only up to a few weeks.

Driver Ant Bite Treatment

  • These are some of the home remedies to cure Driver Ant bite.
  • Apply ice to reduce swelling in the time difference of 20 minutes.
  • Use Hydrocortisone Cream to stop itching on the skin.
  • To avoid an allergic reaction and itching, take the antihistamine.
  • Take the oatmeal bath to overcome the itching.

How To Get Rid of Driver Ants

Nobody wants Driver ants to be roaming on their floor. So there are some things to get rid of Driver ants.

  1. Clean your home floor with bleach. Ants just hate bleach and they will not come to that area.
  2. Don’t leave any food and waste on your floor. This way ants won’t get the reason to come across.
  3. Sprinkle Turmeric powder in the area from where ants are most likely to come in your house. It will prevent them from coming that way

How To Kill Driver Ants

These are some of the most effective ways to kill Driver Ants.

  1. Sprinkle cornmeal in outside doors. Driver ants love to eat cornmeal but they can’t digest it, Eventually, they will die.
  2. Sprinkle Cream of Wheat, again ants can’t digest it and they will die.
  3. Spray Ant control formula which is available in many medical shops. Use spray solution as instructed on the manual.

This is all about Driver ants, Their Behavior, Habitat, their strength, and lifespan. To get more details on various types of ants, Check out Ant Species.

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