Cow Killer Ant

Cow Killer Ant Bites, Facts, Habitat, Lifespan, Treatment, Get rid, Diet, Venom, Why they called Cow Ants and many more interesting facts are here.

Cow Killer Ant

Cow killer Ant is known by many other names including Velvet ant and Red Wasp. Cow killer is called an ant because it is a wingless wasp and it can sting which is really painful. Their Sting is so much pain that it is said that it can kill a cow but actually they can’t.

What Are Cow Killer Ants

Cow Killer ant belongs to the family Mutillidae in the Animalia kingdom of class Insecta. These are not actually Ant, they are wingless wasp who looks like a giant ant. Their bright color signals to stay away from them because their sting causes too much pain.

Cow Killer Ant Characteristics

Scientific Name Dasymutilla Occidentalis
Size 15 mm to 25mm
Max Age 2-3 months
Venom Type Alkaloid

Cow Killer Ant Facts

  • Cow Killer Ant is not actually an Ant, it’s actually a wingless wasp.
  • They can size from 1/4 inches to 1 inch in length.
  • Their Sting is awarded 3+ rating in Fredrick Pain Index.
  • They have the bright red color which is a signal of being venomous.
  • They have a mixed pattern of red, yellow and orange color.
  • Although their name is Cow-Killer, they can’t actually kill a cow.
  • Cow Killer ant scientific name is Dasymutilla occidentalis.
  • They are found in every part of the globe.

What Do Cow Killer Ant Look Like

The Female cow killer ant is a wingless wasp which is large in size and hairy. They resemble the worker ant. They are covered with red, yellow and orange texture and can be up to 1 inch long. Males have dark brown brown wings with color patterns on their body.

Cow Killer Ant Bites | Cow Killer Ant Sting

As the name suggests, it is being said that their sting is so much pain that it can kill a cow. So, you can imagine that how painful will that be. There are only a few ant and wasp species which have more painful sting than that of cow killer ant. Cow killers are not aggressive in nature, they sting only when they are provoked.

Where Do Cow Killer Ant Live

Although Cow killer Ant lives in most of the countries across the globe. But most commonly they are found in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi,Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

What Do Cow Killer Ants Eat

Adult cow killer eats nectar and water. They also feed on dead insects and animal waste. Cow killer hardly attacks other alive insects, but when it does, it stings the subject and then eats it.

Cow Killer Ant Lifespan

Male Cow ant search for the female as they can fly. After mating, female search for a host nest and enters it. It puts one eggs side by side each larvae pulp. When the cow killer comes out of eggs it searches host larvae for 1-2 weeks and then goes on the life.

Cow Killer Ant Bite Treatment

  • For Swelling:

Apply Ice on the affected area. It will both reduce the swelling and remove itching.

  • For Pain:

Get antihistamine tablets to overcome pain and allergy.

How to Get Rid of Cow Killer Ant

  • Water and Bleach Treatment:

Bleach and water is the deadly combination to kill any kind of insects. Mix warm water and bleach, then pour the solution into the colony.

  • Boiling water treatment:

Boil 3-4 liter regular water and pour it in the Ant nest. It will kill 60-70% of ants instantly.

How to Kill Cow Killer Ants

Vinegar Treatment:Add a little amount of Vinegar to the warm water and put it in the spray bottle. Sprinkle whenever you see and Cow Killer Ant.

Boric Acid Bait:

Add some sugar in the boric acid and sprinkle the mixture around the nest. Ants will carry the solution to the nest and eventually everyone who eats it will die.

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