Bull Ant

Bull Ant Bites, Facts, Habitat, Lifespan, Treatment, Get rid, Diet, Venom, Physical structure, Behavioral characteristics are discussed in details.

Bull Ant

Bull Ants are one of the most fearsome ant species. They low flowers and are easily attracted by all types of flowers. They are also known as Bulldog Ants. Others common names associated with bull ants are Inch Ants, Sergeant Ants, Soldier Ants and Hoopers Ants.

What Are Bull Ants

Bull Ants are the members of Animalia kingdom of class Insecta. They belong to the Formicidae family of genus Myrmecia. They were first documented in 1804 by a Zoologist named Johan Christian Fabricius. They are 93 Species in this genus and these are found throughout Australia.

Bull Ant Characteristics

Scientific Name Myrmecia
Size 8 to 40 millimeters
Max Age 8 to 10 weeks
Venom Type M. pilosula

Bull Ant Facts

  • Bull Ants are one of the most aggressive and largest ants of the world.
  • They Sting pain can last for many days.
  • Although most ant species don’t have good vision bull ants can identify objects from a meter distance easily.
  • If you cut a bull ant in two pieces then its head and tail will fight and try to kill each other.
  • Bull Ants touch and smell to communicate.
  • These ants can jump up to 2 inches.

What Do Bull Ant Look Like

Bull Ants are larger than other species and they can grow up to 4 cm. They have large eyes and long sting. They are bright red and orange on the head. Their legs are long and hairy. Bull Ants have long and straight mandibles which are attached to the head front. There are teeth possessed along with the inner lining of mandibles.

Bull Ant Bites | Bull Ant Sting

Bull Ant Workers and Queen possess sting. This sting is described as “Sharp in pain with no burning”. The pain of Bull Ant sting can last from a few minutes to a few days. Their stinger will not be left in the skin like honeybee sting but they can use it again and again repeatedly. Worker bull ants stinger can be as big as 6 millimeters.

Where Do Bull Ant Live

Bull ants can live in almost all areas except ice. They are generally found in woodlands, heath, and forests. They create their colonies underground and live entrances which are connected to the face of big tunnels. They are found in all parts of Australia.

What Do Bull Ants Eat

Bull Ants drink plant juices and collect nectar. They also eat animal prey which is collected mostly by workers and carried back to the colony. Bull Ants can eat anything and mostly they feed their larvae with grubs and dead insects. 

They also feed larvae with seeds, fungi, gum, and fruits. They extract sugar from the bugs who suck plants.

Bull Ant Lifespan

As all other ants, Bull ant life cycle consists of four stages.

  • Egg
  • Larvae
  • Pupa
  • Adult.

Worker ants protect and feed the larvae and eggs. Bull dog ants can live up to 8-10 weeks. The queen ant may live up to many years.

Bull Ant Bite Treatment

  1. The treatment of Bull Dog ant sting depends on the facts that how worse is the reaction on the subject. If there is no Allergic reaction then you can use an ice pack to reduce the pain.
  2. To reduce the pain you can also use antihistamine tablets and wash the stung area to remove the acid.
  3. You can also rub the tips of bracken fens on the stung area. This is called bush remedies.
  4. If any person shows severe allergic reaction, you should lay him down with his legs elevated and call the medical help.

How To Get Rid Of Bull Ant

  • Spread turmeric powder in the placed where they can form colonies.
  • Mix one part Vinegar liquid and three parts water and put it in a spray bottle. When you see bull ants, just spritz on them.
  • Cut trees and bushes which are touching your walls or roof.

How To Kill Bull Ants

  • Get an insecticide which can be used indoor and spray it on the nest and pour some in nest hole.
  • Get citric acid and dissolve it into the water, then pour down the liquid into the nest hole and most of them will be dead in minutes.
  • Get a bucket of water and add some bleach in that. Pour in the nest and your work is done.

Bull ants are no doubt one of the deadliest ant you can have in your house. If you want to check out facts on more Ant species then checkout: Ant Species

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