Black Ant

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Black Ant

Black Ant is the common name of Black Garden ant. These are found all over Europe and also in some parts of South America, Aisa, Australasia, North America and Australia. These species are found in both open ground areas and forests.

What Are Black Ants

If you live in Europe then it is most common to find black ants in your garden, kitchen, and floor. These are Formicine ant of Subgenus Lasius. These ants are monogynous which means they have a single queen in a colony. In the early stages of creating the colony, there can be three to four queens.

Black Ant Characteristics

Scientific Name Lasius niger
  • Workers: 3-5 mm
  • Male: 3.5-4.5 mm
  • Queen: 9 mm long
Max Age
  • Workers: 4 Years
  • Queen: 15-30 Years
Venom Type NA

Black Ant Facts

  • Black Ant Colony can be as large as 40000 members.
  • Queen can live up to 15 years but some studies claimed that they can live up to 30 years.
  • Black ant queen can be as large as 9 mm long.
  • Black Ants are the first choice of ant farmers.
  • Black Ants have two stomachs, One for herself and one to feed others.
  • Both Queen and male have wings for a period of time.
  • They cannot eat whole food, so they squeeze the insects and drink their juice and throw the remains away.

What Do Black Ant Look Like

As the name suggests, they are black in color and are a tiny creature of size 4-5 mm length. They have six legs and two eyes. Their eyes are made up of many small lenses. To smell and touch, they have two antennas on their head. Queen and male ants have wings for a period of time and they rip them off after mating.

Black Ant Bites | Black Ant Sting

Black ants don’t have much venom and they are not aggressive either. They hardly bite someone without provoking. They are calm and that is why they are most commonly kept as a pet all over the world.

Where Do Black Ant Live

Black Ants create colonies near food and moisture. More often, they select firewood, cracks in the sidewalk, tree stumps and wall voids to colonize. In winter, they club many colonies to make it through the winter. They are found in all parts of Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia.

What Do Black Ants Eat

With Scissors like jaws, the Black ant can cut open almost every insect. Although they cannot eat whole food, they have to squeeze the food and drink its juice. Black ants eat almost everything they found from leaves, grains to other insects.

Black Ant Lifespan

Black Male ants have wings for a time being and they mate every 2-3 hours. But most of them are eaten by birds during their flight. After the mating, the male will die and female will tear her wings and find a chamber in the nest to lay her eggs.

Queen will keep laying eggs for 15 years straight and males will keep dying. In summer new females will fight for the right to lay eggs and winning females will create new colonies.

Black Ant Bite Treatment

Although Black ants are calm in nature and they do not bite often. But if you got a bite from Black ant, you don’t need to worry because they are not venomous. Just was the affected area with soap and take rest.

How To Get Rid of Black Ant

  • Seal all the cracks and don’t give them a chance to create a colony.
  • Stack Firewood far from the house.
  • If some trees or branches are touching the wall, cut them because they give the path to black ants.
  • Sprinkle turmeric powder around the affected space.

How To Kill Black Ants

  • Using Hot Water

Boil 2-3 liter of water and pour it in the nest hole. It will kill most of the black ants.

  • Using Bleach and water

Mix Bleach and water in a bucket and pour in the nest hole.

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